The Edsel & Eleanor Ford House Mobile Tour App

The Edsel & Eleanor Ford House, located in Gross Pointe Shores, Michigan, have published an awesome web app and iPhone app. The web app works on any mobile device with a full Internet browser – just go to or scan the QR code at the bottom of this post.

We loved writing the script, creating the videos, and designing the app. But the most amazing thing about this app, in my opinion, is its use of the archival video footage of the Ford family. You can stand at the swimming pool, for example, and on your smartphone you can see the Ford children splashing in the pool. It’s almost like they are right there, in front of you. Until someone invents a time machine, this is about as close as you can get to going back time.

This app received a 2011 Leadership in History Award from the American Association of State & Local History.

We’ll be doing a special webinar in the near future with Christopher Shires, Director of Interpretation at the Ford House, where he will share his experience of creating an app, as well as lessons learned. Stay tuned!


Experience The Ford House Tour on any smartphone. Go to or use this QR code.

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