Marketing Your Smartphone App: OnSite

Great, your museum or city has a smartphone app!  Now the key to success is getting visitors to USE your app.  This post is the first in a series which I will be posting on how to effectively market your app.  In this post we will cover ways you can promote your app on-site at your location.

In our experience 2 things are key:

  1. Awareness – Visitors must know about your app
  2. Accessibility – It must be very easy for visitors to get the app


Here is a simple checklist of things you can do to make sure visitors are aware of your app:

  • Large, prominent signage in the lobby/ entrance
  • Countertop signage on admission desk
  • Plaques by each piece on your mobile tour
  • QR code and/or app address printed on all maps and brochures within museum
  • Customer-facing staff must be trained and familiar with the app


As far as making your app easy to get – app size, technology platform and delivery method are all important.  What do I mean by this?  Well, if you only have the app available as an iPhone app, then Android users, Blackberry users, and, well, anyone without an iPhone (and non-iPhone users make up 75% of the smartphone market) will be unable to access your app.  A Web App solves all of these problems.  A Web app paired with a QR code can make getting to your app a snap.

Here is a great example of signage which hits both of the key objectives.

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