Part 2 of Marketing Your Smartphone App: Online

26 Oct

So we covered some of the basics of Marketing Your Smartphone App: OnSite.

Now let’s talk about marketing your museum’s mobile app online.

Marketing your app online is fun because you can use video and compelling images to get people excited about your organization and the app.

So now let’s jump in to things you can do to market your museum’s mobile app online.

1. Make it very visible on your website:

  • Place a link to the mobile app on your website, so visitors can access it on their own phones and tablets.
  • You may want to promote it on your Home page or “Planning Your Visit” of “Latest News” section of your website
  • If you have a blog, do a blog post on it
  • You may want to create a visually appealing“Landing page” dedicated to details of the mobile tour. – This way you can link back to this page from social media or other promotional mentions and get people excited about your app. Here are some examples of what our clients have done:

2. Promote the Tour Online & Via Social Media

  • Announce it via your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn networks
  • Put it in your monthly newsletter (email and/or print)
  • Send an internal email so that all of your staff is aware of it and has the chance to give it a try
  • Send an email announcement to partner organizations (i.e. NEMA) and colleagues (i.e. museum list-servs)

3. Submit your app to online Web App stores.

You may wish to submit your app to the following sites so that it is listed in these directories and easier for users to find:

There are many more ways you can promote your app and increase the awareness and use of your app.  Next up I will be sharing thoughts on PR, Launch events and Social Media.  Look for more posts to come…

One Response to “Part 2 of Marketing Your Smartphone App: Online”

  1. Joseph October 14, 2012 at 1:15 pm #

    More marketing material on how to get the word out on apps

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