Connectivity for Visitors (Part I)

This multi-part series about connectivity will shed some light on the multifaceted challenges you need to overcome to provide a solid Internet connection for all your visitors. Part I is mostly about the general approach, plus a technology overview. The parts after this will talk about specific solutions for common situations. If you have any … Continue reading Connectivity for Visitors (Part I)

Matisse and Chagall in Rockefeller Country Mobile App

In 1954, one of the art world’s great masters lay dead. The fate of his final work, a stained-glass window destined for installation in a small stone church in New York’s countryside, was unknown to the Rockefeller sons who commissioned it as a bold memorial to their beloved mother. Henri Matisse, in his 80s and … Continue reading Matisse and Chagall in Rockefeller Country Mobile App

8 Questions with Peter Samis

This interview is part of our "Thought Leader" series, where we get inside the heads of the best and brightest in the museum & technology world.  Peter Samis Associate Curator, Interpretation San Francisco Museum of Modern Art In 1993, Peter served as art historian/content expert for the first CD-ROM on modern art, and then spearheaded … Continue reading 8 Questions with Peter Samis

Mountain View Grand Historic Hotel Mobile App

Mountains. Gourmet dining. Snowball fights. Daily farm tours. This is not your average hotel. Nor is this your average mobile app. The team at Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa used TourSphere to build their very own "Mobile Concierge". The app is not only beautiful, it also makes it easy to navigate their 1,300 acre … Continue reading Mountain View Grand Historic Hotel Mobile App