Mountain View Grand Historic Hotel Mobile App

6 Jan

Mountains. Gourmet dining. Snowball fights. Daily farm tours.

This is not your average hotel. Nor is this your average mobile app. The team at Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa used TourSphere to build their very own “Mobile Concierge”.

The app is not only beautiful, it also makes it easy to navigate their 1,300 acre property. The app provides all the info you need to learn about the daily activities (snowball fights, farm tours, mountaineering, etc.) and on-site amenities (5 restaurants, a spa, golf, and more). Book appointments right in the app with one click from your smartphone. You can also take a self-guided historic tour of the property with your phone as your tour guide.

The designers at TourSphere created a Custom Theme that captures the essence of the property beautifully.

Experience The Mountain View Grand app on any smartphone. Go to or use this QR code.

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