Cultural Tourism DC Heritage Trail Mobile Tour App

Created in conjunction with our own Audissey Media, Cultural Tourism DC’s Heritage Trail Walking Tour app covers extensive ground with five walks through the soul of Washington DC. NPR’s Korva Coleman narrates and introduces you to notable residents, taking you along DC’s Downtown and U Street Corridors with thoughtfully crafted layers of the past and present.

These tours bring the past to life and allow you to walk in the footsteps of Civil War soldiers and Civil Rights heroes. Walk the real U Street – a neighborhood once coined the “Black Broadway” – and experience the true Renaissance that happened here. Not just for tourists, the landmarks you encounter skip the major monuments and take you through the well-trodden paths of DC and unveil stories unknown to many.

Track your route with location-aware maps – stop in for a bite at Ben’s Chili Bowl, linger in the halls of the National Museum of Women in the Arts – this app allows you to move at your own pace. With over fifty historical images, rich audio, and even video, this app captures the true spirit of Washingtonians, its diverse culture, and its historic crossroads.

Experience Cultural Tourism DC's Heritage Trail app on any smartphone or tablet. Go to or use this QR code.

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