“An Insider’s Guide to Seattle” Mobile Tour App


What if you could visit another city, and for one hour, see it through the eyes of a local?

That’s the idea of the Seattle Audissey. Join DJ Michele on this mobile walking tour through her hometown, where her voice guides listeners through the story – and alleys – of Seattle. Part audio tour, part soundscape, this tour is timed perfectly to synchronize with the visitor’s own footsteps. For one hour, you become a Seattle local.

“See this alley coming up on your right,” whispers DJ Michele. “Yeah. Let’s turn and walk down there.”

Along the hour-long audio guide, several local Seattlites make an appearance:

  • Mimi Gates of the Seattle Art Museum explains the mystery of the massive sculpture “Hammering Man”
  • James Rasmussen, a Duwamish tribal leader, recites a drum-fueled ode to Chief Seattle
  • Author and journalist Erika Langley tells the story of how she reported on The Lusty Lady stripclub – and ended up dancing there

You’ll also step inside an anarchist bookstore, hear a firsthand account of the WTO riots of 1999, and get an insider’s tour of the world famous Pike Place Market.

To view the Mobile Tour of Seattle visit http://seattle.toursphere.com/ or scan this QR code with your smartphone.

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