5 Reason to have a Survey in Your Mobile App

It still surprises me that many museums and organizations don’t put surveys or questionnaires in their app.

Here are 5 reasons a short survey is a must-have in a mobile app:

  1. $$$ – Grants, Grants, Grants!  Most of our clients who fund their app through a grant are required to provide metrics and survey results.
  2. Feedback – It’s a non-intrusive, golden opportunity to get feedback directly from your visitors.  Why would you pass this opportunity up? For example, if people keep commenting in the survey that the restrooms are hard to find, you can take action and improve the signage. Demands on museum staff go down and everyone’s life (yours and your visitors) is a little better.
  3. Long-term Engagement – With TourSphere you can include Email Opt-in as part of your survey at no additional charge.  By letting visitors subscribe instantly to your newsletter you are building that coveted long-term relationship with your visitors.
  4. Demographic Knowledge – The more you know about your visitors, the more targeted your programing and marketing can be.  Including some simple demographic questions in your survey is a great way to find out who’s visiting you – and why.
  5. Measuring Success – Unlike traditional media, mobile apps provide a way of measuring results. If you find out that 95% of visitors using your mobile app love their museum experience but only 75% of non-app users love their museum experience… well, you have a strong case for expanding the mobile programing (plus you can brag about it come employee evaluation time).
With TourSphere, you can include a multi-question survey at no additional  charge and can log-in to your account to see the answers in real time.

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