Mount Auburn Cemetery’s Mobile App

Mount Auburn Cemetery easily gets our vote as one of Boston’s most beautiful places. Situated in both Cambridge and Watertown, the Mount Auburn Cemetery breaks the traditional image of a dark and gloomy graveyard by being “America’s first garden cemetery.”  It is a combination of a cemetery and a park, with rolling hills that take away all feelings of being in the city.

Having a mobile tour of the cemetery is almost a no-brainer; not only is it absolutely loaded with history and notable residents, it’s 174 acres and a maze of roads and paths. Try finding the likes of Charles Bullfinch and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow on your own!

The app has everything a visitor will need including directions, histories, multiple tours, even cemetery etiquette! These resources are some that one would never expect to find from a cemetery.

Spring has arrived; take advantage of Mount Auburn Cemetery’s great mobile app and learn things you’d never expect in Boston’s most beautiful cemetery!

A snapshot of Mount Auburn Cemetery’s mobile app for visitors. Click to see more!

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