Nancy Proctor on Mobile in Museums (and Revolutionary Change)

This interview is part of our “Thought Leader” series, where we get inside the heads of the best and brightest in the museum & technology world. Nancy Proctor Head of Mobile Strategy & Initiatives Smithsonian Institution Nancy Proctor heads up mobile strategy and initiatives for the Smithsonian Institution, and is co-chair of the Museums & the Web … Continue reading Nancy Proctor on Mobile in Museums (and Revolutionary Change)

5 Great Museum Bars

There is just something other-worldly about enjoying a drink surrounded by masterpieces.  Whether it is the art that makes the drink more interesting or the drink that makes the art more tasty is hard to say.  Here are a few places you might want to check out if you're looking for liquid inspiration: The Modern at … Continue reading 5 Great Museum Bars

Thoreau Farm Goes Mobile

Henry David Thoreau, as gifted as he was, certainly never expected his family farm to be the base for a smartphone app. The farm now has a full mobile tour that teaches visitors about the property, Thoreau and his family. Being almost a century older than Thoreau himself, the farm is full of history and … Continue reading Thoreau Farm Goes Mobile