5 Great Museum Bars

There is just something other-worldly about enjoying a drink surrounded by masterpieces.  Whether it is the art that makes the drink more interesting or the drink that makes the art more tasty is hard to say.  Here are a few places you might want to check out if you’re looking for liquid inspiration:

The Modern at The Museum of Modern Art – New York, NY

Serves creative cocktails, over 900 international wines, artisanal cheeses, and other small plates to keep things interesting. As expected, the decor is… modern.

The Modern

Georges Restaurant at the Pompidou Center – Paris, France

30-foot high ceilings display exposed silver and blue piping. The bar also features  four  ‘blobular aluminum shells’. Each blob is lined in colored rubber, and has specific functionality. Lime green for the coat check and restrooms, yellow for a multimedia video room, gray for the kitchen, and the red blob holds the VIP lounge.

Georges Restaurant

Novus at National Museum – Singapore

Featuring a 14-foot long bar that spans its length with purple velvet bar chairs patrons can truly feel immersed in the art as they sip their creative concoctions. The eye candy at Novus includes iconic high ceilings, colonial arched windows and delectable cuisine.


Ray’s and Stark Bar at LACMA – Los Angeles, CA

The understated design of this bar makes the room feel almost cozy – an unexpected feeling in a modern museum. With wood tabletops and silverware kept in a drawer at each diner’s place it almost has a retro feel to it. The highlight of imbibing at Ray’s and Stark is that you get a view of the latest exhibition.

Ray’s and Stark Bar

The Wright at The Guggenheim Museum – New York, NY

Based on designs by Frank Lloyd Wright, this bar is itself a work of art. The wall behind the Corian bar is lined in fiber-optic wood; the metal bar front has a textured patina; and mesh stretched behind the blue leather banquettes is patterned with a tiny version of Wright’s “primitive initial,” the football-like shape of the rotunda’s columns and fountain.

The Wright

If you’ve got a great museum bar to share we’d love to hear about it!

One thought on “5 Great Museum Bars

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    I like bars; I love museums, so naturally, I wanted to see the best of the best of the combination of the two. Assume that these hot spots are on my Museuo Bucket List. Enjoy!

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