5 Reasons Why App Analytics Are Critical

It’s always startling to me when we talk to museums, cities, and hotels who have an app – but no idea how many visitors are using it.  A huge value that an app can bring to a visitor-based organization is data, data, data!

A mobile app can provide an incredible window into what your visitors and customers want and need.  In order to optimize your mobile strategy and ensure you’re getting the maximum value out of your mobile app here are some key things to consider:

Counting app downloads is worthless – usage is what matters.
Being able to brag about download numbers is nice but it’s not really that meaningful.  Knowing, for example, that visitors who use your app onsite stay 30 minutes longer and eat at your onsite restaurant is incredibly valuable information to any organization.  Understanding these sorts of interactions – and adjusting tactics accordingly – is critical to both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Don’t Let Your Visitors Become Invisible Once they Walk Through Your Doors
Organizations spend valuable marketing dollars to attract visitors.  But ironically once they walk through your doors they become “invisible” – you really have no idea how they are spending their time onsite.  A mobile app that is a guide to your museum, hotel, or campus makes it possible to see exactly where visitors are spending their time and what they are doing. Using this data, organizations can deliver relevant content and services.

Analyze + Evaluate + Optimize = Happy Visitors
The more data you have on a visitor, the more your content and services can serve them.  Programing, amenities, content, even signage can all be customized based on the data you gather. Customization typically leads to happy guests and it’s no secret-  the happier your guests are the longer they stay, they come back again and the more likely they are to Tweet about it.  Happy visitors are a really good thing for your brand.

If you can’t measure it you will lose it
Mobile analytics are mission critical to any organization that wishes to have a long-term mobile strategy. If you have a mobile app it is because it supports your organization’s mission in some way or other.  Analytics should be given to Directors/Boards/Upper Management on a regular basis so that everyone can see exactly how your mobile program is supporting that mission.

There is No Such Thing as a Mobile One-Size-Fits-All
TourSphere analytics allow you to see what types of devices are being used by your visitors.  Armed with this data you can make informed decisions about your long-term mobile strategy – be it app development, advertising, programming and more.

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