Imagination Exhibit @Walker Library Goes Mobile


The human imagination has come up with some incredible things over the centuries. The Walker Library of the History of Human Imagination focuses on the sparks of genius that have driven so many of our innovations over the years, cataloguing it all into a novel 3,600 square foot museum in Stamford, CT. But just as imagination has no boundaries, the Walker Library wanted to take their exhibit out of the box, allowing visitors to interact with it and providing a way for those who couldn’t visit in person to experience the unique collection of artifacts.

The museum’s latest exhibit, “Collecting Imagination” (which runs through October 29th) showcases imagination as a driving force throughout history and celebrates the adventure of discovery, learning, and creativity.  The staff at the library chose to add a TourSphere mobile app to the exhibit in order to encourage visitors to use their own imagination, allowing them to wander through the cases of artifacts and post their own comments directly through the app.

For those who can’t visit the exhibit in person, the mobile app showcases photos, video and commentary that make for a rich virtual viewing experience and allow the Walker Library an even greater reach.

By integrating additional information and interactive commentary, the Walker Museum created an extended experience for their exhibit visitors, engaging them and further inspiring them with the unique collection of artifacts that includes an original Soviet Sputnik, a cuneiform cone from 2000 BC, and a leaf from the Gutenberg Bible.

To view the Mobile Tour of the Walker Library’s Imagination Exhibit visit or scan this QR code with your smartphone.

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