Features to Include in Your Hotel’s Mobile App

By nature, most people staying at a hotel are in a place that’s entirely new to them. Since what seems like the dawn of time, travelers have relied on the recommendations of concierges in making decisions about the area and getting oriented within the hotel or resort itself. In recent years, web searches have started to play a large part in people’s travel plans, and the advent of browsers in mobile phones makes it even easier for travelers to quickly make decisions about what they want to do when staying at a hotel. But what if you could combine the best of both worlds: provide your on-site concierge’s expertise to your guests, even those who would rather do the research on their phones?

Many hotels, hostels and resorts have begun implementing mobile apps to help act as virtual concierges for their guests. At TourSphere, we’ve seen everyone from historic hotels like the Mountain View Grand to trendy hostel’s like Boston’s 40Berkeley implement mobile tour apps to help their guests get around. If you’re considering a mobile app for your hotel, hostel or resort, we’ve got a list of features you should include!

  • A map of the property: TourSphere allows you to easily create an interactive map that can help orient your guests to your property and even to nearby points of interest.
  • Frequently requested must-sees: Whether it’s recommended restaurants or  nearby sites, add them to your interactive map and create informational icons that give visitors the low-down on the spot, including menus, hours and more.
  • Event calendar: Because TourSphere apps are web-based, you can update them on a constant basis and the update immediately pushes into the app. Add events within your own hotel and those in the surrounding tourist area so guests can be tuned in at the touch of a button.
  • Special property features: Whether your hotel has a special local art exhibit or just some fantastic historical features, be sure to include images, video, audio, or written explanation. This will help identify the unique aspects of your hotel and make the stay memorable for the guest.

We want to hear from you! What features are must-haves for any hotel, hostel or resort app that you’d want to use?

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