Five Easy Ways to Create Content for Your Mobile App

For many museums, hotels and tourism sites looking to create an app, one of the more daunting aspects of the process is creating the content that will go into the tour itself. As we hear so often with social media, it’s essential to have great, engaging content to draw your visitor in and ensure the app enhances their experience with you, whether they are accessing it on-site or remotely. One of the benefits of TourSphere is that we make it extremely easy to create an app by providing you with an easy way to organize your content into a virtual tour. Of course, that means you must have content to organize. Whether it’s audio clips, videos, photos or text, there are easy ways to create engaging, interesting and professional content quickly and on a budget.

  1. Enlist the Interns: If your interns are sorting through spreadsheets and delivering mail, you’re not using them right. College students are extremely familiar with recording video and audio on their iPhones and editing it quickly and professionally. Give interns ownership of a piece of content–whether that’s an interview that needs to be recorded, voiceovers, or an existing piece of content that needs cleanup and editing. With inexpensive equipment and software, they can create fantastic and creative pieces of content. This method not only gets your app content done well, it also gives your interns a purpose and sense of accomplishment.
  2. Tap Into After-Hours Talent: Before you decide to hire a voiceover artist or team of historical re-enactment actors, check around the office to see what your colleagues are doing after hours. Do some of them have theater degrees collecting dust or recurring roles in community theater? Do they have the perfect voice for narration? Don’t assume you need to pay a lot of money for great work in these areas. It’s important the work is professional, but often this can be done by enlisting the help of the people who already work at your organization–and the project can be a lot of fun for them as well.
  3. Use What You’ve Got: Do you have a bank of professional photos of your museum artwork or the various areas of your hotel? Use these as a way to guide on-site visitors and a way to orient those using the app remotely. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Simply freshen your collection by adding anything new and including great write-ups about each site or, better yet, audio narration on each tour stop.
  4. Outsource It: When you don’t have the time or the expertise in-house to create excellent content, it’s time to turn to the experts. While we encourage building your own app with our TourSphere Builder, we also offer content development services that take the burden off you and allow you to feature professional, integrated photo, audio and video content in your mobile app.
  5. Invest in Inexpensive Hardware: If you’re planning to create a lot of content, it’s likely worthwhile to invest in some hardware like a camera or audio equipment that will make high-quality multimedia content. Thanks to technology, it’s not expensive to buy equipment that makes fantastic recordings–sometimes even a good iPhone app will do (for more on this check out our DIY content series). And this provides you with the ability to update your content quickly and easily if you need to change your app. If you’re recording video, plan to invest in a tripod–a steady shot is the difference between an amateur and a professional recording.

Tell us: What are some creative ways you’ve developed your app content?

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