5 Tips for DIY Audio

You’ve written the script for your audio tour and found your narrators. Time to hit the recording studio! Wait, what studio? Many organizations do not have the magical budget to hire professional audio production services–you’re not alone! Here are a few tips to help drastically improve your audio quality when creating it in-house.

1) Choose your location. Find a quiet, smaller room and close the door to help minimize the ambient noise. Cubicles are designed to absorb noise, so one would be great to use during off peak office hours. Keep a consistent location for your recordings and remember your setup to help ensure the same quality when recording over multiple days. If the microphone is in a different position or if the room size is different, it is very likely the audio will sound different.

2) Minimize noise. The microphone picks up all sorts of ambient noise, including fans, air conditioners, and office equipment–shut it all off. You’ll see a remarkable difference in sound quality.

3) Find a decent microphone. Acceptable low-quality audio will sound significantly better with a basic external microphone (vs your computer’s mic or a headset). Your best bet is to go with a unidirectional mic as it picks up sound from one direction–like the voice of a narrator!

4) Use a pop filter. Block the sounds of those popping p’s and b’s by placing a pop filter in front of your mic. You’ll find they can be very affordable but you can also DIY one for virtually nothing with a coat hanger and pantyhose.

5) Use an audio editor. Look for simple software that can help you add sound effects and allows for minor editing. Something like Audacity is easy (and free!) to use and makes recording a straightforward process. It also allows you to monitor the recording levels so you can adjust your mic distance or voice accordingly.

Recording content does not have to be a roadblock for creating your tour. If you find you just don’t have the time or the staff to pull it off, contact us to request a quote for our affordable editing and production services.

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