Choose Your Winter Promo!


Through the remainder of December, choose one or more offers to get your organization’s mobile app ready for 2019. Anyone can choose from:

  • 3 Photo Filters for $1,000: We’ll design and integrate 3 custom image overlays which allow your visitors to create souvenir photos in your app
  • $49/Month Web App Add-on: Offer an alternative access point for your app and leverage features such as QR codes and mobile giving
  • 30% off a Mini-Theme Design: Make your app an extension of your brand with custom fonts, logos, and icons

Bonus offer for New Clients:

  • Free Mini-QuickStart: Launch your app faster with our app-building service. Our mobile experts will build the first 25 pages of your app for you.

Bonus offer for Current Clients:

  • 30% off a plan upgrade: Give your visitors more ways to engage with increased app functionality, including multiple languages, videos, interactive images, push notifications, and games

Hurry — your order must be in by 12/31/18.

Ready to get started? Send us an email at or call us at (585) 419-9844. We’ll work with you to find the best offer to fit your needs.

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