New Feature Release: In-App Rating & Review

Promote your app by getting more reviews on the stores! We have developed an in-app review system where users receive a push notification asking them to rate the app while perusing it!

It has been shown that getting more positive reviews on the stores drives more downloads. As Laurie Galazzo, CMO at AppTweak, explains “not only does [getting positive reviews] boost your app ranking in the stores but users will be more tempted to download your app if it has a good reputation.

The important thing is to use push notifications at the right time to encourage users to rate and review your app positively. OnCell has developed three metrics to determine when the app review prompt is triggered. The metrics are around app usage;  minutes in the app; and page views. We usually recommend setting up a combination of the metrics before prompting users.

Once the usage requirements for your app have been met, the user will be asked whether they are enjoying your app? If the user selects “Not really” that user will never be prompted again. If the user says “Yes!” then another popup will ask if they would like to leave a review and a star rating.

Our App Rating Feature is available on all plans. Contact us to learn more.


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