App Spotlight: Cherry Hills Community Church Christmas-Lights Driving Tour


Untitled design (14)This year Cherry Hills Community Church was the talk of the town due to its Christmas lights spectacle. The light show, spanning the ¾ mile campus located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, draws both parishioners and members of the community at large. To round out the decade, the Church decided to modernize the light show experience by adding an audio element.

Known simply as LIGHT, the audio tour shares the story of Jesus – e.g. the “Light that Leads You Home” — through light displays, a timeless Christmas tradition. This story has been narrated and synced to the Christmas lights display around the Cherry Hills campus.

As cars drive through the campus, they trigger certain beacon points planted throughout the route that signal the OnCell app to play matching audio. The custom music and personally recounted stories give new life to Christmas traditions.

Chris Thomas of Cherry Hills Community Church and lead on the app project shared some insight into the challenges they faced and how his Client Success Manager, Travis Luty helped problem solve in order to meet the event deadline.

When we finally got into the testing phase, we discovered a challenge with the app and our unique situation. Because it was a driving experience, we needed the app to be completely on auto-pilot once the guest began the route. Our OnCell Client Success Manager assisted in quickly doing some custom programming that allowed the app to force the user’s device to stay awake so that the mobile device could be placed out of the way, but still be triggered by the beacons,” said Thomas. 

DSC08214 (1).jpg
Photo By Cherry Hills Community Church

The church is already thinking about what to do for its next holiday season, building off the success of this year’s Christmas lights tour. Fortunately, additional content can easily be added to the app using OnCell’s flexible app-building platform.

With over 50,000 people sharing in the experience and $125,000 in donations raised to go toward eliminating homelessness in the area, Cherry Hills is a testament to the power of an idea and the importance of using the right solutions to make that idea come to life. 

Learn more about this audio tour and listen any time with their mobile app at:


Video By Cherry Hills Community Church

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