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Explore the Mary Baker Eddy Library’s 3-story Globe on Your Smartphone

26 Oct

Mary Baker Eddy founded the Christian Science system of religious thought in the late 1800s and today, her life’s work is celebrated at the Mary Baker Eddy Library. This multi-use facility is dedicated to educating the public about Eddy’s life and ideas. The museum, research center and lending library opened in 2002 and now a TourSphere app enhances the public’s experience with the Library.

For those who can’t make it to the Mary Baker Eddy Library in downtown Boston, there are two virtual tours (with many more to come). A short, yet information-packed video brings to life the role children played in the history and founding of the Christian Science Church in Boston. Complete with historic photos, period details and artifacts, the video captures what life was like for the “busy bee” children involved in the creation of the Mother’s Room at the original Christian Science Church in Boston.

The other exhibit allows virtual visitors to explore Mary Baker Eddy’s study, where she worked tirelessly during her life. One part of the virtual tour lets you learn more about the objects found in the study by clicking on them for a detailed photo and explanation of their purpose. The video that accompanies this exhibit explores Mary Baker Eddy’s life as an avid writer and voracious reader.

Whether visitors are planning a visit to the Mary Baker Eddy Library or just want to learn more about this historic site, the TourSphere app brings it to life.

To view the mobile tour of the Mary Baker Eddy Library, visit or scan this QR code with your smartphone.

To view the mobile tour of the Mary Baker Eddy Library, visit
or scan this QR code with your smartphone.

Beantown Mysteries on the Harbor

19 Oct

Want to get the inside story on where the Departed was filmed? Or check out old images of how Boston used to look? If you’re local to Boston, you’ve probably explored the Boston harbor either by sea, or walking along the water and enjoying the beautiful breezy views. But, for those tourists looking to visit the area, or even locals looking to dig deeper, the new TourSphere app from The Boston Harbor Association gives visitors an inside view to the city’s best virtually private walking tour right from their phone.

Boston HarborWalk’s new TourSphere app gives visitors the inside scoop on all things Boston Harbor.  Visitors can take advantage of a virtually private walking tour through some of the most enigmatic and charming neighborhoods in Boston, starting at the Intercontinental Hotel. Tourists can preview restaurants, shops and museums along the water’s edge before even traveling from their own hometowns. They can meet local artists and hear unique perspectives right from the comfort of their own phone. Bostonians themselves can utilize the app to learn more about the neighborhoods they stroll through everyday, by exploring buildings, history, culture and even close-ups of what lies below the water!

The TourSphere app allows people near and far to explore some of the most entertaining stories and historical perspectives that the city has to offer. Through this new virtual channel, Boston HarborWalk brings the local sites and stories right to your phone!

To view the mobile tour of the Boston HarborWalk, visit
or scan this QR code with your smartphone.

Exploring the Trees of the Milliken Arboretum with a Mobile App

25 Sep

With more than 150 acres of greenery, plants and wildlife to explore, the Milliken Arboretum is a hidden jewel at Wofford University in Spartanburg, SC. With more than 4,500 trees, the world-class horticultural display aims to promote environmental consciousness, educate the community and heighten awareness of the importance of trees in a rapidly developing urban world.

While visitors could choose to wander around campus to discover the Arboretum for themselves, the merging of nature and technology allows for the most robust visitor experience. Visitors to the campus can immerse themselves in the grounds by viewing photos of the trees not only as they are on the day of the visit, but throughout the seasons. An introduction provides a historical backdrop to the arboretum and stunning photos of the trees throughout the season. And to ensure that no one misses a thing, the Arboretum’s interactive map orientates the visitor while providing them with stops and tree identification along the way.

Whether you’re visiting the Milliken Arboretum or simply want to view colorful photographs of its gems throughout the seasons, the TourSphere app can transport you to the campus.

To view the mobile tour of the Milliken Arboretum, visit or scan this QR code with your smartphone.

To view the mobile tour of the Milliken Arboretum, visit or scan this QR code with your smartphone.

Imagination Exhibit @Walker Library Goes Mobile

14 Sep


The human imagination has come up with some incredible things over the centuries. The Walker Library of the History of Human Imagination focuses on the sparks of genius that have driven so many of our innovations over the years, cataloguing it all into a novel 3,600 square foot museum in Stamford, CT. But just as imagination has no boundaries, the Walker Library wanted to take their exhibit out of the box, allowing visitors to interact with it and providing a way for those who couldn’t visit in person to experience the unique collection of artifacts.

The museum’s latest exhibit, “Collecting Imagination” (which runs through October 29th) showcases imagination as a driving force throughout history and celebrates the adventure of discovery, learning, and creativity.  The staff at the library chose to add a TourSphere mobile app to the exhibit in order to encourage visitors to use their own imagination, allowing them to wander through the cases of artifacts and post their own comments directly through the app.

For those who can’t visit the exhibit in person, the mobile app showcases photos, video and commentary that make for a rich virtual viewing experience and allow the Walker Library an even greater reach.

By integrating additional information and interactive commentary, the Walker Museum created an extended experience for their exhibit visitors, engaging them and further inspiring them with the unique collection of artifacts that includes an original Soviet Sputnik, a cuneiform cone from 2000 BC, and a leaf from the Gutenberg Bible.

To view the Mobile Tour of the Walker Library’s Imagination Exhibit visit or scan this QR code with your smartphone.

A Mobile App for Lexington Historical Society

15 Aug

Relive the Battle of Lexington and Concord on this mobile app from Toursphere.

Learning about history has a whole new meaning with the new mobile app recreating the Battle of Lexington.  The app from Toursphere gives visitors an opportunity to relive crucial moments of the Revolutionary War in an engaging way.

One awesome feature about the app is the ability to take the tour in multiple ways. For all the history buffs out there, take the time to watch the videos and read the expandable information on the battle and its leading events. For others who may want a condensed version, simply take the tour the way it’s designed to get an interesting, historical overview of the famous battle.

To view the Mobile Tour of the Battle of Lexington visit or scan this QR code with your smartphone.

Thoreau Farm Goes Mobile

3 Jul

Henry David Thoreau, as gifted as he was, certainly never expected his family farm to be the base for a smartphone app. The farm now has a full mobile tour that teaches visitors about the property, Thoreau and his family.

Being almost a century older than Thoreau himself, the farm is full of history and stories that are now easily accessible to visitors. The app also features historic pictures of the farm, giving an accurate representation of how it has changed over the years.  We’re impressed with how much has stayed the same (and a mobile guide is a great way to leave the property itself undisturbed)!

To view the Mobile Tour of the Thoreau Farm visit or scan this QR code with your smartphone.

Mountain View Grand Resort Uses TourSphere Mobile App to Serve Guests

27 Jun

Mountain View Grand Hotel’s mobile concierge service from Toursphere

Kudos to Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa who used TourSphere to build an onsite Mobile Concierge. Any question you could ever ask a concierge can be answered right on the hotel’s swanky new app. You can check out daily events, tour the property, peruse menus, book spa and restaurant reservations and more. The mobile concierge app for the Mountain View Grand Hotel is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing to date.

We think The Mountain View Grand is a noteworthy example of how mobile technology can take a guest’s experience and make it infinitely  more memorable.  Give it a whirl and let us know your thoughts.

To view the Mobile Tour of the Mountain View Grand Hotel visit or scan this QR code with your smartphone.

iSpy a cool new app: International Spy Museum

15 Jun

It’s no secret that the International Spy Museum is one of the most intriguing museums D.C. has to offer. They now offer a mobile app from Toursphere that is enhancing the novelty of the museum exponentially.

The Spy Museum’s app is a perfect example of how an app can make a visitor’s experience more than what they ever expected. It offers all of the typical information for a mobile app, but also a link to the SpyStore, monthly programming for visitors, etc.

There’s even a “Test Your Spy Skills” section offering games that put kids’ (and adults’) sleuthing skills to the ultimate test. What an awesome way to make the most out of a mobile app!

To view the Mobile Tour of the International Spy Museum visit or scan this QR code with your smartphone.

Mount Auburn Cemetery’s Mobile App

13 Jun

Mount Auburn Cemetery easily gets our vote as one of Boston’s most beautiful places. Situated in both Cambridge and Watertown, the Mount Auburn Cemetery breaks the traditional image of a dark and gloomy graveyard by being “America’s first garden cemetery.”  It is a combination of a cemetery and a park, with rolling hills that take away all feelings of being in the city.

Having a mobile tour of the cemetery is almost a no-brainer; not only is it absolutely loaded with history and notable residents, it’s 174 acres and a maze of roads and paths. Try finding the likes of Charles Bullfinch and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow on your own!

The app has everything a visitor will need including directions, histories, multiple tours, even cemetery etiquette! These resources are some that one would never expect to find from a cemetery.

Spring has arrived; take advantage of Mount Auburn Cemetery’s great mobile app and learn things you’d never expect in Boston’s most beautiful cemetery!

A snapshot of Mount Auburn Cemetery’s mobile app for visitors. Click to see more!

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