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App Spotlight: Canadian Museum of Nature

19 Mar


The “Nature Trek” app at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Canada is designed specifically for young visitors to this breathtaking science museum. In this creative app, users are encouraged to explore themes of subject matter that is classified as “Gross”, “Bizarre”, or “Ugly”.

The app contains candid interviews with museum curators and staff – and even includes a “Highlight Tour” of staff favorites around the museum.  Visitors to the museum will get a whole new view in to the museum with this mobile app as their guide.  The app is offered in both French and English.

To view the app, visit http://naturetrek.toursphere.com or scan this QR code with your smartphone.

To view the app, visit http://naturetrek.toursphere.com or scan this QR code with your smartphone.

iSpy a cool new app: International Spy Museum

15 Jun

It’s no secret that the International Spy Museum is one of the most intriguing museums D.C. has to offer. They now offer a mobile app from Toursphere that is enhancing the novelty of the museum exponentially.

The Spy Museum’s app is a perfect example of how an app can make a visitor’s experience more than what they ever expected. It offers all of the typical information for a mobile app, but also a link to the SpyStore, monthly programming for visitors, etc.

There’s even a “Test Your Spy Skills” section offering games that put kids’ (and adults’) sleuthing skills to the ultimate test. What an awesome way to make the most out of a mobile app!

To view the Mobile Tour of the International Spy Museum visit http://spymuseum.toursphere.com/ or scan this QR code with your smartphone.

It’s ALIVE! Meet the App Builder 2.0!

3 May

At TourSphere our mission is to make beautiful, smart mobile apps affordable and accessible to all museums, parks, gardens, hotels and cities.  After lots of testing, listening, debating and many, many hours of engineering magic we’re thrilled to announce the release of our App Builder 2.0.

It’s completely redesigned, re-thought, and rehashed – and we’re really excited with the result.  We think this is the fastest and most powerful way to build visitor-based apps. Our new App Builder features an entirely new, intuitive interface.  It is so easy to use that if you can use Facebook, you can build a mobile app on TourSphere.

In addition to redesigning the entire look and feel of our App Builder, here are some of the new features we’ve added:

  • New themes for even slicker-looking apps
  • Easier, more intuitive text editing
  • More robust user analytics and visitor survey tools
  • A batch uploader tool – so you can uploads tons of files at once

We’ve also launched our new website. For a 60-second video on TourSphere, check out www.toursphere.com/video.

TourSphere Website 2.0

We think all kinds of cool places are going to be introduced to a new way to think about mobile apps for their visitors when they use TourSphere. Come check out the new TourSphere and give us a free test drive!

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